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March cards-mailed!

I got all the March birthday cards mailed the first week! I’m happy that my plan is working!

I was THRILLED with the response from the grandkids about their valentines cards!! Even the older adult grandkids were blessed to get a love note from us….a few teens posted them on their facebook accounts…now that’s what I call success!

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Birthday Card….It’s Magic!

Magic Card

I made a magic birthday card for my grandson’s birthday this month. I put a link to a tutorial on YouTube. I doubt that I’ll be doing tutorials on this blog as it’s basically just my online diary of what I’m doing to keep in touch with the kids.

Last week I sent a birthday message to an adult grandchild’s hubby. I found some nice Japanese note paper with a matching envelope.

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Valentines DONE!


I managed to get all of the home-made valentines DONE! I did a head count the other day and realized that we have 33 grandkids! That includes grandchildren that we inherited through step kids. We don’t separate….they are all our grandkids.

They all call us grandma and grandpa!

I went to Daiso and purchased 2 good-sized plastic containers where I can store all of my stationery, stickers, cute note cards and more. I am thankful once again for Daiso!



I also bought the cutest 3-d stickers -again at Daiso. It’s February and I have several birthday cards to make for this month. Tomorrow I’ll work on those. I thought the stickers would be so cute for home-made cards.

cute stickers!

While I was there I bought a simple schedule book. I wrote down everyone’s birthday so that I won’t lose track!

nifty cheap schedule book

I really can’t express how thankful I am for Daiso and other 100 yen shops. It makes things much easier for gramma!

There are 4 birthdays in February. I’ve gotten one greeting out in the mail already- three more to go!


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The First Project – Making Valentine’s Day Cards

I wasted no time. As soon as I thought of putting up a blog about long-distance grand-parenting I thought…well…I’ve got to have some content to put in it!

So here we go!

I realized that it’s the 28th of January and Valentine’s Day was right around the corner.

With so many grandchildren to try and stay in touch with I have to come up with something that I can do in a reasonable amount of time and something that won’t involve too many materials when it comes to holidays.

The mail takes a while from Japan so I had to think quickly.

Thank goodness for the internet! I found a little project for making “long-distance” hugs.

It’s easy!

You trace your left and right hands on colored paper and cut them out.


Then you add string or ribbon to join the hands together. I used yarn and make a bunch of longish chains that I attached to each hand by using colorful tape.

I wrote: “A Hug for __________ from Gramma” on one side of the hand and on the “inside” I wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day” and stuck on some little heart stickers.



I’ll write an instructional card and put it in the envelope:
How to use this Valentine’s Day Card- wrap the chain around you to receive a long-distance hug from Granni!

Tomorrow I’ll buy some large envelopes and send them along with a few treats. Some of them are siblings so I’ll put brothers and sisters together in one envelope.

This is a simple project but it lets the kids know that I love them and I am thinking of them.  I’ll add little note from grandpa in the envelope.

Next up…..creating a year calendar to hang on the wall or fridge so that I can see everyone’s birthday at a glance!